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Shipping - postage and packing

Postage and packaging (EXW Vienna) will be charged from Austria to your place.

  1 CD
2-10 CDs
11-20 CDs
Austria 6,- EUR 6,- EUR 8,- EUR
EU, Switzerland 9,- EUR 18,- EUR 22,- EUR
Worldwide 12,- EUR 22,- EUR 32,- EUR



Non profit private sale - returns

CDs are being sold based on individual orders on a non profit base as private sale. Since those CDs are unsealed I can not accept returns. This said - I do not want you to be unhappy with your CDs, so I will try to find a solution being acceptable for both sides for any of your inquiries.


Terms & conditions

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Legal matters

The sound samples of less than 60 seconds of music are published on this website according to ยงยง 51, 52 UrhG as additional teaching material of my classes for Tango DJ-ing and musicality as well as part of my research project on the influence of RIAA equalization on sub-harmonic distortion in ancient records.