Tango-DJ.at Tango Argentino
Tangomarathon: Austrian Alpine Abrazo 2012


I am proud to present my fellow Tango-DJ colleagues literally from all over the world who are going to make us dance during Alpine Abrazo 2012:


Alan Spotti (Italy)

Alan started DJing in 2004, after returning from Buenos Aires, where he had been inspired by DJs like Mario Orlando and Damian Boggio. He began a careful study of music for the milonga, developing his personal style. He enjoys playing with the energy fluctuations of the dance floor to build an overall arc over the course of the milonga. Alan prefers playing the music of the 1930s and 40s, with the occasional 1950s tanda thrown in for spice.


Website: Discografía de Francisco Canaro

Christoph Lanner (Austria)

Christoph started dj-ing Tango Argentino in 2004 and has become more and more famous for traditional tango music which he has been playing ever since. But it is not only his choice of music that makes him extraordinary, it's also the way he combines different tandas into one wonderful, harmonic and inspiring whole. Another special gift of Christoph is his ability to recognize and name almost any Orchestra, interpreter and singer of most of the traditional songs you may hear at any Milonga. Christoph has been dj-ing at Viennese Milongas, tangomarathons and festivals. Lately, he has dedicated a lot of time to build up a discography from Francisco Canaro.


Dobri (Germany) - www.tangonido.eu


Emil Jankulovski (Australia)

Emil Jankulovski from Sydney, Australia is a passionate Tango music collector and a DJ. His special interest is early Tangos from the 1920' and La Guardia Vieja. His DJ style is a balanced mixture of simple, light and rhythmical early Tangos (Joyas de la Guardia Vieja), and some Golden Era favorites. His music is more suitable for Milonguero style dancing. His favorites are: Firpo, Carabelli, Lomuto, Victor Típica, early Canaro and early Miguel Caló. Emil tries to create a complex atmosphere with multiple layers of emotional charge ranging from powerful and energetic, playful, but at the same time romantic and deeply melancholic.


Enrico Malinverni "Il Mali" (Italy)

Musicalizador alla costante ricerca della scansione musicale e sonora ideale in grado di generare la "buena onda" in una serata tango. Propone prevalentemente i classici dell'epoca d'oro del tango, nella formula "tandas y cortinas", con una predilezione per una certa vena melodica e romantica miscelata e dosata alla forza del "compás". Opera principalmente nell'area di Milano ("Tangoy", "La Mariposa", etc.) e nazionale (Raduno di "Impruneta" a Firenze e "yo Soy Milonguero" a Crema). A livello Europeo: "Les Cigales" Francia, "Pasionaria" Costa Azzurra, "Abrazos" Inghilterra, "Abrazame" Barcellona, Raduno "Rural" in Slovenia.


Website: jens-ingo.all2all.org

Jens-Ingo Brodesser (Belgium)

During a DJ-set I select music from my collection which fits best for providing an interesting dancing experience. I try to catch the mood of the moment by observing the dancers and translate this feedback into the tanda. My tango collection is quite vaste and in high resolution for best sound perception. I play mainly from the Guardia Nueva and Epoca de Oro repertoire but there are no limitations, everything is possible. If I feel that a newer song fits the moment and it's dancable I play it. In my opinion it is very important to provide a variation in musical style between the tandas and to develop a tanda flow for having an enjoyable milonga.


Matthias Bellemann (Germany)

Matthias is a connoisseur and collector of tango music, always hunting for the best quality sources available on this planet. He uses studio-grade equipment to provide the dancers with the highest possible level of musical fidelity. Matthias is regularly invited to DJ in the most prestigious milongas of Buenos Aires. He pays special attention to the harmonic and energetic composition of the tandas and to create a high level of dramaturgy and suspense during the night. Handpicking the masterpieces of tango history from the late 20s to the 50s, he likes to inspire and to challenge the dancers and to carry them through space and time.