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Tangomarathon: Austrian Alpine Abrazo

We are proud to present our great DJ team and official photographer for this year's Alpine Abrazo:


Alan Spotti (Italy)

Alan started DJing in 2004, after returning from Buenos Aires, where he had been inspired by DJs like Mario Orlando and Damian Boggio. He began a careful study of music for the milonga, developing his personal style. He enjoys playing with the energy fluctuations of the dance floor to build an overall arc over the course of the milonga. Alan prefers playing the music of the 1930s and 40s, with the occasional 1950s tanda thrown in for spice.

Website: Discografía de Francisco Canaro

Christoph Lanner (Austria)

Christoph started dj-ing Tango Argentino in 2004 and has become more and more famous for traditional tango music which he has been playing ever since. But it is not only his choice of music that makes him extraordinary, it's also the way he combines different tandas into one wonderful, harmonic and inspiring whole. Another special gift of Christoph is his ability to recognize and name almost any Orchestra, interpreter and singer of most of the traditional songs you may hear at any Milonga. Christoph has been dj-ing at Viennese Milongas, tangomarathons and festivals. Lately, he has dedicated a lot of time to build up a discography from Francisco Canaro.

Daniel Kubas (Germany)

I fell in Love with Tango on a plane over the Indian Ocean from Berlin to Melbourne in December 1997 and began collecting music once the plane had landed.  My debut as DJ however came much later in 2009 in Paris when I felt that my collection had grown sufficiently large and profound enough to keep a dancer's feet and heart happy.  Since 2011 I am in Munich. I love Tangos from the Golden Epoch which are rhythmic and melodic and which are well suited for a close Tango Salon (alpine) embrace.  Fortunately orchesters like Arienzo, Biagi, Canaro, Di Sarli, Fresedo, Tanturi, Troilo made plenty of them.

Darko "Dark-OH" Vicentijevic (Serbia)

Besides DJ-ing on the biggest regular Milongas in Belgrade and Belgrade Tango Encuentro Festival, Dark-OH played on prestige Tango Festivals like Istanbul Tango Festival, Stockholm Tango Festival, Stockholm Tango Lovers, Cilento Tango roots, Zagreb Tango Festival... Tango Marathons such as Noches de Hungria, Amor en Budapest, 24h Milonga, Pomeranian Tango Marathon, New Year`s Belgrade Tango Marathon… Prestige regular Milongas in Vienna (Galeria Ideal), Istanbul (Dalyan Club); Milan, Bergamo, Brescia; "Dulce de Noche" (La Mancha – Istanbul)...

Fabiòla Loik (Italy)

Fabiòla simply offers traditional argentine tango nice to dance. She has djed in many milongas in the North East of Italy and in international events like Experiencia Milonguera in Villa Giacomelli, Terra Milonguera in Ljubliana, Raduno Rural in Zapreval, Festival alle Terme di Dobrna, V Milonga sin Fronteras, Festival Que Tango Lindo in Linz and many others. She lives, dances, loves and studies tango in Triest.

Website: DJ Matías

Matthias Bellemann (Germany)

Matthias is a connoisseur and passionate collector of tango music, always hunting for the best quality sources available on this planet. He uses studio-grade audio equipment to provide the dancers with the highest possible level of musical fidelity. Matthias is regularly invited to DJ in some of the most prestigious milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires and Europe. He pays special attention to the melodic and rhythmic composition of the tandas in order to create a high level of flow and energy during the event. Selecting the masterpieces of tango history from the late ’20s to the mid ’50s, he likes to inspire the dancers and to carry them through space and time.

Theo "El Greco" Chatzipetros (Greece/Italy)

Theo plays traditional music from the late twenties to the late fifties with particular reference to the forties and his aim is to create a rhythmic wave for the dancers to enjoy by adapting the musical selection according to the dancers mood. He is a member of the association Tangofirenze based in Impruneta and co-founder of the Raduno milonguero of Impruneta where he is Dj resident since 2007. He played in various milongas, encuentros, festivals and marathons in Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Turkey, UK and he gives Dj workshops and musicality stages.

And our official photographer for Alpine Abrazo 2013:

Website: www.gazblanco.com

Gaz Blanco

Gaz Blanco is an architect and in parallel a freelance photographer specializing in reportage of Argentine Tango Festivals, Live Music, Dance, Cultural events.