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We are proud to present our great DJ team and official photographer for this year's Alpine Abrazo:




Selection of traditional music that ranges from 30s to 50s. I construct tandas as a dancer and I select them according to the interpretation of the messages coming from the dance floor, in the belief that the DJ should provide service to the dancers. I play music with a dual purpose: to free the largest number of chairs in the room and... satisfy the ear of those who, by will, fatigue or a bit of bad luck, remain seated. The rarest piece of the evening is never just for ears and I try to propose it with respect to the balance created during the evening. Deep respect and sincere admiration for Piazzolla's tango, but I reserve the right to hear it at home with a good red wine glass.

Website: TangoNido


Dobri has been djing for the past 15 years throughout Germany and Hamburg, but also in Sofia, and in this year for the second time in Mallnitz, which always is a very special pleasure :-). For me, life is too short, and classical Tango music too beautiful, to spend time on musical experiments. The Época De Oro, makes me laugh and cry, makes me happy and sad, touches my heart and makes my feet move. I love dancing, but most of all I love the music, because … where would our Tango Embrace be without the music? The music carries us, gives us the energy for our dialogue … with each other, with the other participants in the milonga … with the Above and the Below. 20 years and 7000 tangos later, it is still an everyday journey, a quest, a passion, discipline, work, but above all, discovery, joy and surprise on a daily basis …

Website: DJ Matías


Matthias is a connoisseur and passionate collector of tango music, always hunting for the best quality sources available on this planet. He uses studio-grade audio equipment to provide the dancers with the highest possible level of musical fidelity. Matthias is regularly invited to DJ in some of the most prestigious milongas and festivals in Buenos Aires and Europe. He pays special attention to the melodic and rhythmic composition of the tandas in order to create a high level of flow and energy during the event. Selecting the masterpieces of tango history from the late ’20s to the mid ’50s, he likes to inspire the dancers and to carry them through space and time.

Website: www.djsalzer.de

Hans-Peter Salzer

DJ Hans Peter Salzer lives near Regensburg(Ratisbona) and is Tango-DJ in the south of Germany since 1999. From the beginning
of his Tango-Life he was delighted by the richness of melodies and the musically variety in the traditional Tangos. His favourite Tangos are going like an infective fluid into heart, brain and feet.

Theo "El Greco" Chatzipetros

Theo plays traditional music from the late twenties to the late fifties with particular reference to the forties and his aim is to create a rhythmic wave for the dancers to enjoy by adapting the musical selection according to the dancers mood. He is a member of the association Tangofirenze based in Impruneta and co-founder of the Raduno milonguero of Impruneta where he is Dj resident since 2007. He played in various milongas, encuentros, festivals and marathons in Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Turkey, UK and he gives Dj workshops and musicality stages.

And our official photographer for Alpine Abrazo 2014:

Website: Chauveau I Photography

Ivo Chauveau