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Newsletter May 2014

by Bernhard Gehberger

May 2014

Dear Tango enthusiast,

this is Bernhard from TANGO-DJ.AT, Association for preservation and provision of Argentine tango with the monthly newsletter TANGO-DJ.AT about DJ-ing, special Tango CDs, Tango dancing and much more. Please note that videos, sound samples and special characters might not display correctly in the e-mail. Please visit the online version instead. Enjoy!


DJ-ing & dancing Tango

CD-reviews & shop-news




For our upcoming MILONGA WEEKEND VIENNA 27/28 JUNE we are looking forward to inviting the guest teachers STEFAN & MARIAN from El Corte, Nijmegen (NL). They will give a demonstration at the Tangobar Milonga on Thursday, Workshops and a Guided Práctica on Friday and Saturday! Don't miss the opportunity to work with those great dancers and teachers!

A short review will cover our experiences providing our sound system for the TANGOAMADEUS festival!

And there is fantastic news for AMP and CTA collectors! We finally managed to get hold of about 550 AMP and CTA CDs! We are finally able to complete our AMP and CTA collections with 100% original CDs. And since we received plenty of them twice and three times we will be able to offer many very rare out-of-print AMP and CTA CDs to our TANGO-DJ.AT MEMBERS! If you have not done so far, this would be a good moment to become a member!

Please enjoy this month's newsletter. We'd very much appreciate if you want to recommend it to your friends or your link to TANGO-DJ.AT.

best wishes from Vienna,


Association for preservation and provision of Argentine tango


DJ-ing & dancing Tango


guest teachers: STEFAN & MARIAN

Stefan & Marian dance, teach & perform Tango Argentino. They are located in The Netherlands and travel through Europe for workshops & performances.

Both Stefan and Marian have their base in El Corte Nijmegen. They are teachers at El Corte and they teach at the community of Scala in Eindhoven. They also travel to give workshops and perform abroad. As passionate dancers, they continuously develop their dancing skills. In their search for a most natural and personal style of dancing, they profoundly study on technique, posture, movement, dynamics and musicality. Their great aspiration is to share their ideas and experiences in their teaching alowing the student to discover his or her own inner understanding of the dance.

This video will not be shown in the e-mail..



Thursday, 26 June 2014:

Stefan & Marian will give a demonstration at the Tangobar Milonga


Friday, 27 June 2014:

WORKSHOP 1, Friday 27 June 2014, 18:00-19:15

  • Verticality & rotation: the basics of the embrace for a better connection &
    freedom of moving in close embrace
  • Vertikalität & Rotation: die Basis der Umarmung für eine verbesserte
    Verbindung & Bewegungsfreiheit in der geschlossenen Umarmung


WORKSHOP 2, Friday 27 June 2014, 19:30-20:45

  • Dynamics in turns: compact powerful turns for small spaces
  • Dynamik in Drehungen: kompakt aber schwungvoll drehen auf kleinem Raum


MILONGA, Friday 27 June 2014, 21:00 - 3:00 (4:00), DJ Stefan Wimmer

Stefan is a dancer. And he loves music. That’s why he’s TJing ..

Soon after he started dancing he also began TJing back in 1998. Since then he’s grown out to one of the house TJs in El Corte. He’s providing the music during the Chain Salons (together with other TJs) and at the Doble Ocho festival. Besides that he’s TJing both at big festivals & small local milongas all over Europe.

His main goal is to connect to the dancers and create a specific mood & atmosphere during a milonga that keeps the dancers going and offers a great diversity. Therefore he’s creating a coherent structure by using tandas (four songs per tanda, two tandas of Tangos followed by a tanda of Milongas or Vals alternately). If the location and the situation allows it he also includes cortinas.

His main ingredient form the orchestras from the Epoca de Oro but he also loves to give his music a twist by playing the lovely old & playful music from the Guardia Nueva and interpolate that with some pieces of Neo-Tango or even Non-Tango music.

At the end it’s all about the old saying:
“What kind of music do you like?” “Good music.”



Saturday, 28 June 2014:

WORKSHOP 3, Saturday 28 June 2014, 14:00-15:15

  • Rebotes & torsion: effective use of the floor to create an element of
  • Rebotes & Torsion: effektive Nutzung des Raumes für überraschende
    Wendungen im Tanz


WORKSHOP 4, Saturday 28 June 2014, 15:30-16:45

  • Asynchronicity: play with the separation of your movements to give an extra
    touch to your dance
  • Asynchronität: das Spiel mit versetzten Bewegungen um dem Tanz eine neue
    Dimension zu geben


GUIDED PRACTICA by Stefan & Marian, Saturday 28 June 2014, 17:00-19:00

THE possiblity to practice, train and try the new things you have learned at the workshops together with Stefan & Marian being with you assisting, helping and correcting!


MILONGA, Saturday 28 June 2014, 21:00 - 4:00

DJ to be announced.



  • 1 Workshop: 25,- EUR
  • 2 Workshops: 45,- EUR
  • 4 Workshops + Practica: 90,- EUR
  • Geführte Práctica / Guided Practica: 15,- EUR
  • Milonga: 10,- EUR




We felt very honored when TangoAmadeus asked us to provide our PA-system to most of the locations of the TANGOAMADEUS Festival. But this goes hand in hand with a load of responsibility. We worked hard to provide TangoAmadeus with the best sound possible and as far as we can tell comparing with last years experiences and receiving positive feedback from various people, we succeeded in doing so.

Thank you Marion & Heather for your trust in our ability to take care of the sound for your festival! We think it worked out perfectly and we are happy having added a little piece to your already fantastic event!

If you like it, you can rent our TANGO-DJ.AT PA-System for your event too!


Upcoming events

Some international Tango events we are organizing, DJ-ing, recommending or travelling to:

30 May - 3 June Pradamano / Italy Travelling: La Experiencia Milonguera
19 - 23 June Rome / Italy Travelling: La Latina Tango Marathon
27 - 28 June Vienna / Austria Organizing: MILONGA WEEKEND VIENNA with
special guest teachers STEFAN & MARIAN (El Corte/NL)
25 - 26 July Vienna / Austria Organizing: MILONGA WEEKEND VIENNA with
special guest teachers STEFAN & MARIAN (El Corte/NL)
1 August London / UK DJ-ing: Milonga Carablanca


CD-reviews & news

Buying-up of 550 AMP & CTA CDs

We were able to seal one of the most important deals of AMP and CTA CDs in the history of our activities. We purchased a batch of about 550 AMP and CTA CDs in Japan - most of them being out of print for quite some time! By doing so we could complete Yoshihiro Oiwa's collection of 211 CDs published under "La Asociación De La Musica Porteña" (A.M.P.) as well as Akihito Baba's Club Tango Argentino (CTA) collection of 261 CDs!

Since we have plenty of those CDs twice and three times we will offer them to our TANGO-DJ.AT MEMBERS in the near future. For the unlikely event that some of them will not be sold within the members' area they will be made available in our shop as well. For a serious chance to get hold of some of those very rare out-of-print AMP and CTA CDs it would be a good moment to become a TANGO-DJ.AT MEMBER if you have not done so already.

Below we included the list of CDs we bought. We have to keep some of those in order to complete our own collections. The rest will be sold. As announced already, we do not take reservations or pre-orders for those CDs. We will most likely offer them in small batches of about 20 CDs per month on the members's purchase option page. First come first served.

And now, some impressions of our work at the moment:

Another infamous Tango-CD-Piano picture featuring the complete first part of the AMP collection ESP-2003, ESP-3001-3004, CD-1081-1199:

And some complete and rare CTA-series including the probably most important Tango-CDs in history CTA-1051, CTA-1051 & CTA-1053 in mint condition!


The listing of AMP and CTA CDs we were able to get hold of, plenty of them twice or three times:

CTA Interpret
101 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 1
102 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 2
103 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 3
104 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 4
105 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 5
106 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 6
107 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 7
108 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 8
109 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 9 (1929)
110 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 10 (1929-1930)
111 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 11 (1930)
112 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 12
113 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 13 (1931)
114 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 14 (1931-9132)
115 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 15 (1932)
116 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 16 (1933)
117 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 17 (1933-1936)
119 Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 19
121 Julio De Caro Vol. 1
122 Julio De Caro Vol. 2 (1926-1927)
123 Julio De Caro Vol. 3
124 Julio De Caro Vol. 4 (1927-1928)
125 Julio De Caro Vol. 5 (1928/1934)
201 Luis Petrucelli Vol.1 (1928-1929)
203 Luis Petrucelli Vol.3 (1930-1931)
204 Juan Guido Vol.1 (1927)
205 Juan Guido Vol.2 (1928)
209 Cayetano Puglisi Vol.1 (1929)
210 Cayetano Puglisi Vol.2 (1929-1930)
214 Agesilao Ferrazzano Vol.1 (1927)
215 Agesilao Ferrazzano Vol.2 (1927)
221 Francisco Lomuto Vol.1 (1931)
223 Francisco Lomuto Vol.3 (1932-1933)
224 Francisco Lomuto Vol. 4 1933
241 Edgardo Donato Vol.1 (1932-1941)
242 Edgardo Donato Vol.2
243 Edgardo Donato Vol.3 (1933-1941)
244 Edgardo Donato Vol.4
251 Ciriaco Ortiz Vol.1 (1933-1952)
252 Ciriaco Ortiz (Los provincianos) Vol.2 (1931-1934)
261 Adolfo Carabelli Vol.1 (1931-1933)
262 Adolfo Carabelli Vol.2
271 Alberto Mancione Vol.1 (1950-1952)
281 Osvaldo Fresedo Vol.1
301 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.1 (1935-1936)
302 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.2 (1936-1937)
303 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.3 (1937)
304 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.4 (1937-1938)
305 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.5 (1938-1939)
306 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.6 (1939-1940)
307 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.7 (1940-1941)
308 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.8 (1941)
309 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.9 (1941-1942)
310 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.10 (1942-1943)
311 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.11 (1943)
312 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.12 (1944)
313 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.13 (1944-1945)
314 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.14 (1945-1946)
315 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.15 (1946-1947)
316 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.16 (1947-1948)
317 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.17 (1948-1949)
318 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.18 (1949-1950)
319 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.19 (1950-1951)
320 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.20 (1951-1952)
321 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.21 (1952-1953)
322 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.22 (1953-1954)
323 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.23 (1954-1955)
324 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.24 (1955-1956)
325 Juan D'Arienzo Vol.25 (1956-1957)
351 Angel D'Agostino Vol. 1
352 Angel D'Agostino Vol. 2
353 Angel D'Agostino Vol. 3
354 Angel D'Agostino Vol. 4 (1944)
371 Ricardo Tanturi Vol. 1
372 Ricardo Tanturi Vol. 2 (1941-1942)
373 Ricardo Tanturi Vol. 3
413 Juan Sanchez Gorio Vol.1 (1944-1953)
415 Hector Varela Vol.1 (1950-1952)
416 Hector Varela Vol.2 (1952-1953)
421 Juan Cambareri Vol.1 (1948-1949)
451 Dante Puricelli (1951-1953) / Enrique Alessio (1950)
501 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.1 (1928-1929)
502 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.2 (1929-1930)
503 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.3 (1930-1931)
504 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.4 (1939-1940)
505 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.5 (1940-1941)
506 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.6 (1941-1942)
507 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.7 (1942-1943)
508 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.8 (1943-1944)
509 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.9 (1944-1945)
510 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.10 (1945-1946)
511 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.11 (1946-1948)
512 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.12 (1954)
513 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.13 (1955)
514 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.14 (1956)
515 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.15 (1956-1958)
516 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.16 (1951)
518 Carlos Di Sarli Vol.18 (1952-1953)
519 Carlos Di Sarli Vol. 19 (1953-54)
520 Carlos Di Sarli Vol. 20 1958
521 Osvaldo Pugliese Vol.1 (1943-1944)
522 Osvaldo Pugliese Vol. 2 (1944-1945)
523 Osvaldo Pugliese Vol. 3 (1945-1947
601 Francisco Pracanico Serie electra Vol.1
602 Juan D'Arienzo Serie electra Vol. 2
611 Antonio Bonavena (1930-1931)
612 Enrique Di Cico(Minotto) (1930-1931)
614 Anselmo Aieta 1930-1931
615 José Bohr 1927
701 Francisco Canaro 1930
702 Francisco Canaro (1930-1931)
703 Francisco Canaro 1929
704 Francisco Canaro (1931-1932)
705 Francisco Canaro (1932-1933)
706 Francisco Canaro (1927)
707 Francisco Canaro 1934
708 Francisco Canaro 1935
709 Francisco Canaro 1936
710 Francisco Canaro 1937
711 Osvaldo Fresedo (1927-1928)
712 Osvaldo Fresedo (II) (1927-1928)
713 Osvaldo Fresedo (III) (1927-1928)
716 Osvaldo Fresedo (VI) (1926-1928)
717 Osvaldo Fresedo (VII) (1926-1929)
718 Osvaldo Fresedo VIII 1927-1928
721 Juan Maglio(Pacho) (1927-1930)
722 Juan Maglio(Pacho) (II) (1927-1931)
723 Juan Maglio(Pacho) (III) (1927-1930)
724 Juan Maglio(Pacho) (IV) (1927-1931)
726 Juan Maglio(Pacho) (VI) (1926-1929)
727 Juan Maglio(Pacho) (VII)
728 Juan Maglio(Pacho) VIII
731 Francisco Lomuto (1927-1930)
732 Francisco Lomuto (II) (1927-1930)
733 Francisco Lomuto (III) (1927-1931)
734 Francisco Lomuto (IV)
741 Roberto Firpo (1927-1929)
742 Roberto Firpo (1931-1941)
743 Roberto Firpo (1927-1930)
744 Roberto Firpo (1935-1942)
745 Roberto Firpo (1926-1930)
751 Lucio Demare (1938-1945)
753 Lucio Demare y su Orquesta Tipica Vol. 3
755 Jose García Vol.1 (1942-1943)
756 Jose García Vol.2 (1943-1945)
757 Antonio Rodio (1943-1944)
758 Ricardo Malerba Vol.1 (1941-1943)
760 Julio De Caro 1949-1951
762 Julio De Caro 1935-1942
765 Manuel Buzón 1942-1943
767 Pedro Laurenz 1943-1944
771 Francisco Canaro 1938
772 Francisco Canaro 1939
773 Francisco Canaro 1940
774 Francisco Canaro 1941
775 Francisco Canaro Vol. 15 1927
776 Francisco Canaro 1928
777 Francisco Canaro Vol. 17 (1928)
811 Mercedes Simone Vol.1 (1928-1935)
831 Libertad Lamarque
846 Azucedna Maizani
852 Tania Vol.2 (1937-1948)
856 Sofia Bozan (1928/1930)
862 Roberto Maida 1930-1931
901 Recordando el arte de Raquel Meller
902 Recordando el arte de Imperio Argentina
1012 Las joyas del tango Vol. 3
1051 Serie para baile - Vol.1 - Todo milonga - Francisco Canaro
1052 Serie para baile - Vol.2 - Todo vals - Francisco Canaro
1053 Serie para baile - Vol. 3 - Juan Maglio Pacho
AMP Album title
ESP-2003 Grandes estrellas del tango
ESP-3001 Tango Epoca brillante I
ESP-3002 Tango Epoca brillante II
ESP-3003 Tango Epoca brillante III
ESP-3004 Tango Epoca brillante IV
CD-1081 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 1
CD-1082 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 2
CD-1083 Juan Maglio "Pacho" Vol. 5
CD-1084 Viento en popa "Don Pancho" y su quinteto tipico argentino dir: Francisco Canaro
CD-1085 Taconeando Orquesta Tipica Francisco Canaro En la decada del 30 Vol. 4
CD-1086 Roberto Firpo Vol. 5
CD-1087 Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 4
CD-1088 Hacelo por la vieja - Juan Guido y su Orquesta Tipica Vol. 2
CD-1089 Arrabalero Orquesta Tipica Francisco Canaro Sserie Romantica Vol. 12
CD-1090 Che papusa, oi.. - Carlos Gardel Vol. 3
CD-1091 Jueves - Orquesta Tipica Fulio De Caro Vol. 5
CD-1092 Usted sabe… Senor Juez - Azucena Maizani
CD-1093 Qué lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 3
CD-1094 Qué lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 4
CD-1095 Francisco Lomuto Vol. 5 - Zorro viejo
CD-1096 Charlo - Linyera
CD-1097 Orquesta Típica Brunswick
CD-1098 Roberto Firpo y su nuevo cuarteto - Alma de bohemio
CD-1099 Edgardo Donato Vol. 2 - Buena yunta
CD-1100 Mercedes Simone Vol. 2 - Sera una noche
CD-1101 Juan Maglio - "Mi barrio quieride" 1928-1931 
CD-1102 Rosita Quiroga - Puente Alsina
CD-1103 Roberto Firpo Vol. 6 - La muchacha del arrabal
CD-1104 Rodolfo Biagi y su orquesta tipica - Quejas de bandoneón
CD-1105 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 5
CD-1106 Mitologia Del Tango
CD-1107 Francisco Canaro en la decada del 30 vol 5, San Telmo
CD-1108  Ricardo Luis Brignolo - Para mis amigos (1929-1932) 
CD-1109  OTV - Muscia de calesita (1926-1932) 
CD-1110 Agustín Magaldi Vol. 2 - El alma del tango
CD-1111 Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 5 - La cachirla
CD-1112 Trio Ciriaco Ortiz - Chique
CD-1113 Francisco Canaro Serie romantica Vol. 13 - La ultima copa
CD-1114 Alberto Vila - Mentira
CD-1115 Julio De Caro Vol. 6 - Chique
CD-1116 Pedro Maffia Vol. 2 - Tinta Verde
CD-1117 Qué lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 6
CD-1118 Historia de la Orquesta Típica - Argentino Galván
CD-1119 Francisco Lomuto Vol. 6 - Ventanita de arrabal
CD-1120 Ada Falcón - La muchachada del centro
CD-1121 Edgardo Donato, Vol. 3 Vagabundo
CD-1122 Don Pancho y su Quintoto Tipico Argentino Dir. Francisco Canaro Vol. 2 - Los indios
CD-1123 Juan Maglio "Pacho" Vol. 7 - El Ciruja"
CD-1124 Alberto Gómez - Apologia tanguera
CD-1125 Francisco Canaro - En la decada del 30 Vol. 6 - Pirincho
CD-1126 Pasion de tango Vol. 5
CD-1127 Orquesta Típica Brunswick Vol. 2
CD-1128 Roberto Firpo, Vol. 1, Horizon
CD-1129 Orquesta Típica Victor 
CD-1130 Ignacio Corsini (Vol. 3)
CD-1131 Lòrchestre argentin Manuel Pizarro - Una noche en el garron
CD-1132 Enrique Rodríguez y su orquesta tipica - Son cosas del bandoneón
CD-1133 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 7
CD-1134 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 8
CD-1135 Francisco Canaro serie romantica Vol. 14 - Sentimiento gaucho
CD-1136 Juan D'Arienzo y su orquesta tipica - Lagrimas
CD-1137 Tango Memorial 01 - Juan Maglio Pacho
CD-1138 M  Roberto Firpo 1926-1927
CD-1139 Florindo Sassone y su orquesta tipica - El relampago
CD-1140 Mercedes Simone Vol. 3 - La cumparsita
CD-1141 Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 6 - Felicia
CD-1142 Pedro Maffia Vol. 3 - Rezongón
CD-1143 Julio De Caro Vol. 7 - A pan y agua
CD-1144 Pedro Laurenz
CD-1145 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 9
CD-1146 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 10
CD-1147 Bianco-Bachicha - Bandoneón arrabalero
CD-1148 Libertad Lamarque Vol. 2 - Caminito
CD-1149M Francisco Canaro - Memorial del tango 3
CD-1150M Osvaldo Fresedo - Memorial del tango 4
CD-1151 Francisco Lomuto Vol. 7 - Cuando llora la milonga
CD-1152 Edgardo Donato Vol. 4 - Elegante papirusa - AMP (CD-1152)
CD-1153 Juan Maglio Pacho Vol. 8
CD-1154 Ricardo Tanturi Vol. 2 - Alma en pena
CD-1155 Roberto Firpo Vol. 7, ("Expresstrain", "Rapido") 
CD-1156 Hugo del carril - El adiós
CD-1157 Qué lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 11
CD-1158 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 12
CD-1159  Francisco Canaro - El acomodo
CD-1160 Trio Ciriaco Ortiz, Mano a mano
CD-1161M Memorial Del Tango 5 - Francisco Lomuto
CD-1162M Memorial Del Tango 6 - Adolfo Carabelli
CD-1163 Ricardo Luis Brignolo - Chique
CD-1164 Ignacio Corsini (Vol. 4)
CD-1165 Orquesta Típica Victor Ex.5 - Homenaje Al Maestro Freddy Scorticati
CD-1166 Juan Guido Vol. 3 - El panuelito
CD-1167 Francisco Canaro (SR) iVol. 15
CD-1168 Roberto Firpo, Vol. 02, La morocha
CD-1170S Orquesta Típica Corrientes - Dir. Yasushi Ozawa - Vocacion Tanguera
CD-1171 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 13
CD-1172 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 14
CD-1173 Orquesta Típica Portena - Orquesta Tipica Los Provincianos - La cumparsita
CD-1174 Don Pancho y su Quinteto Tipico Argentino Dir. Francisco Canaro Vol. 3 - El ciruja
CD-1175 Eduardo Bianco - Poema
CD-1176  Rafael Canaro 1929-1934 
CD-1177M Memorial Del Tango 7 - Orquesta Típica Victor
CD-1178M Memorial Del Tango 8 - Luis Petrucelli
CD-1179 Donato-Zerrillo - La cumparsita
CD-1180 Orquesta Tipica Minotto - Pucho
CD-1181 Juan Maglio "Pacho" Vol. 9 - Plegaria
CD-1182 Ada Falcon - Cascabelito
CD-1183 Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 15
CD-1184 Pasion De Tango Vol. 6
CD-1185  Francisco Lomuto 1931-34
CD-1186 Adolfo Perez Pocholo - El morochito
CD-1187 Memorial Del Tango 9 - Cayetano Puglisi
CD-1188M Tango Memorial 10, Mercedes Simone
CD-1189 Orquesta Tipica Roberto Firpo  (Vol. 8)
CD-1190  Cuarteto Tipico Los Ases  (Dirigido por Juan C. Cambon)
CD-1191 Francisco Canaro Vol. 16 - Viejo Ciego - AMP (CD-1191)
CD-1192 Tania - La Merce - AMP (CD-1292)
CD-1193 Bachicha, Bandoneón [arrabalero]
CD-1194 Leyenda Tanguera de Europa
CD-1195 Qué Lindos Tiempos Viejos Vol. 16
CD-1196 Qué Lindos Tiempos Viejos Vol. 17
CD-1197M Edgardo Donato - Memorial Del Tango 11 - AMP (CD-1197M)
CD-1198M  Juan Guido - Tango Memorial 12
CD-1199 Julio De Caro Vol. 8 - Buen amigo
CD-1200 Carlos Gardel - Cuando llora la Milonga Vol. 4
CD-1201  Francisco Canaro - Dos amores (1932-1934)
CD-1202 Osvaldo Fresedo vol 07, Arrabalero
CD-1203 Juan Maglio "Pacho" Vol. 10 - Piedad
CD-1204 Pedro Laurenz Vol. 2 - Amurado
CD-1205M Carlos Di Sarli  Memorial del tango 13
CD-1207 Francisco Canaro - Tango Clasico
CD-1208 Azucena Maizani Vol. 2 - Cuando llora la milonga
CD-1209 Colonizadores Del Tango Porteño
CD-1210 Orquesta Típica Gente De Tango - Criolla Linda
CD-1211  Francisco Lomuto - "Canchero viejo" 1926-1929
CD-1212 Aníbal Troilo, Tinta verde
CD-1213 Various, Vol. 18, Qué lindos tiempos viejos
CD-1214 Pasión de Tango Voll 7
CD-1215M Memorial del tango 15 - Maffia (Pedro)
CD-1217  Roberto Firpo Vol. 9 - Leguisamo solo
CD-1218 Rosita Quiroga Vol. 2 - El ciruja
CD-1219 Francisco Canaro Serie Romantica Vol. 17 - Emoción
CD-1220 Osvaldo Pugliese, Vol. 01, Recuerdo
CD-1221  Luis Petrucelli (Vol. 2)/1928-1931
CD-1222 Roberto Firpo y su Nuevo Cuarteto Vol. 2 - Bravo porteño
CD-1223 Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica Vol. 2 - Corazón
CD-1225 !!Que lindos Tiempos viejos !!  (Vol. 19)
CD-1265 !! Que lindos Tiempos viejos !!  (Vol. 22)
CD-1266 !! Que lindos Tiempos viejos !!  (Vol. 23)