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guest teachers: STEFAN & MARIAN

Stefan & Marian dance, teach & perform Tango Argentino. They are located in The Netherlands and travel through Europe for workshops & performances.

Both Stefan and Marian have their base in El Corte Nijmegen. They are teachers at El Corte and they teach at the community of Scala in Eindhoven. They also travel to give workshops and perform abroad. As passionate dancers, they continuously develop their dancing skills. In their search for a most natural and personal style of dancing, they profoundly study on technique, posture, movement, dynamics and musicality. Their great aspiration is to share their ideas and experiences in their teaching alowing the student to discover his or her own inner understanding of the dance.




Louis Braille Saal
Hägelingasse 4-6
1140 Vienna

Subway: U3 Hütteldorferstraße

Location offers 300m2 perfect wooden dance floor, air condition and our TANGO-DJ.AT sound system!


Thursday, 26 June 2014:

Stefan & Marian will give a demonstration at the Tangobar Milonga


Friday, 27 June 2014:

WORKSHOP 1, Friday 27 June 2014, 18:00-19:15

  • Verticality & rotation: the basics of the embrace for a better connection &
    freedom of moving in close embrace
  • Vertikalität & Rotation: die Basis der Umarmung für eine verbesserte
    Verbindung & Bewegungsfreiheit in der geschlossenen Umarmung


WORKSHOP 2, Friday 27 June 2014, 19:30-20:45

  • Dynamics in turns: compact powerful turns for small spaces
  • Dynamik in Drehungen: kompakt aber schwungvoll drehen auf kleinem Raum


MILONGA, Friday 27 June 2014, 21:00 - 3:00 (4:00), DJ STEFAN WIMMER

Stefan is a dancer. And he loves music. That’s why he’s TJing ..

Soon after he started dancing he also began TJing back in 1998. Since then he’s grown out to one of the house TJs in El Corte. He’s providing the music during the Chain Salons (together with other TJs) and at the Doble Ocho festival. Besides that he’s TJing both at big festivals & small local milongas all over Europe.

His main goal is to connect to the dancers and create a specific mood & atmosphere during a milonga that keeps the dancers going and offers a great diversity. Therefore he’s creating a coherent structure by using tandas (four songs per tanda, two tandas of Tangos followed by a tanda of Milongas or Vals alternately). If the location and the situation allows it he also includes cortinas.

His main ingredient form the orchestras from the Epoca de Oro but he also loves to give his music a twist by playing the lovely old & playful music from the Guardia Nueva and interpolate that with some pieces of Neo-Tango or even Non-Tango music.

At the end it’s all about the old saying:
“What kind of music do you like?” “Good music.”



Saturday, 28 June 2014

WORKSHOP 3, Saturday 28 June 2014, 14:00-15:15

  • Rebotes & torsion: effective use of the floor to create an element of
  • Rebotes & Torsion: effektive Nutzung des Raumes für überraschende
    Wendungen im Tanz


WORKSHOP 4, Saturday 28 June 2014, 15:30-16:45

  • Asynchronicity: play with the separation of your movements to give an extra
    touch to your dance
  • Asynchronität: das Spiel mit versetzten Bewegungen um dem Tanz eine neue
    Dimension zu geben


GUIDED PRACTICA by Stefan & Marian, Saturday 28 June 2014, 17:00-19:00

THE possiblity to practice, train and try the new things you have learned at the workshops together with Stefan & Marian being with you assisting, helping and correcting!


MILONGA, Saturday 28 June 2014, 21:00 - 4:00, DJ BACHAR BITAR (Münster / GER)



  • 1 Workshop: 25,- EUR
  • 2 Workshops: 45,- EUR
  • 4 Workshops + Practica: 90,- EUR
  • Geführte Práctica / Guided Practica: 15,- EUR
  • Milonga: 10,- EUR


Organization & contact

Association for preservation and provision of Argentine tango