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March 2012

by Bernhard Gehberger

Dear tango enthusiast,

this is Bernhard from Vienna with a new edition of the monthly newsletter Tango-DJ.at about DJ-ing, special tango CDs, tango dancing and much more. If the newsletter is not displayed correctly you might consider reading the online version. Enjoy!


DJ-ing & dancing tango

CD-reviews & news


I am still trying very hard to catch up with the CDs piling on my table. But a massive update of my CTA-catalog could be finished. About 45 new CTA-CDs were added and front/back/inlay covers of my ~170 original CTA-CDs have been rescanned and are available in high res. Check them out on my updated CTA-catalog webpage!

And before I get complaints again ;) - please note that I'll be in London next week in case you want to get in touch with me.

Preview of next newsletter:

  • big update of about 40 new AMP-CDs
  • big update of ~140 Canaro CDs waiting to be processed..
  • review of the new Colección 78 RPM releases

Previous newsletters can be found in the newsletter archive.

Thank you very much for your attention, I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. I'd very much appreciate your feedback and comments on the content presented. In case you know somebody who might be interested in this newsletter please recommend it or place a link to Tango-DJ.at.

best wishes from Vienna,


Tango-DJ Bernhard Gehberger


DJ-ing & dancing tango

DJ-ing schedule March

14 - 19 March London / UK Travelling: London / UK
Fri., 16 March London / UK DJ-ing: Milonga Carablanca
Sat., 30 March St. Pölten / Austria DJ-ing: Tango X, Festspielhaus St. Pölten

Recommended upcoming international tango events

Some recommended international tango events I am DJ-ing or travelling to (most) for the first half of 2012:


CD-reviews & news

Buenos Aires Tango Club (BATC) - Euro Records - Colección 78 RPM

I can offer some of the latest releases of the Colección 78 RPM Serie published by Euro Records.

Pura milonga - Francisco Canaro 1932/1943 - Colección 78 RPM (EU-17049)

15,- EUR

Esto es puro compás - Enrique Rodríguez 1937/1941 - Colección 78 RPM (EU-17050)

15,- EUR

Ataniche - Juan D'Arienzo 1935-1939 - Colección 78 RPM (EU-17051)

15,- EUR

La guardia vieja - Juan Maglio "Pacho" - Colección 78 RPM (EU-17052)

15,- EUR



A substential amount of original CTA-CDs are being kept in stock for you:

You may go for one of the packages still available

4er CD Set De Caro CTA-122, 123, 124, 125 220 €  
2er CD Set Petrucelli CTA-202, 203 108 € sold
4er CD Set Lomuto CTA-221, 222, 223, 224 235 € sold
8er CD Set D'Arienzo CTA-302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 308, 309, 325 430 € sold
3er CD Set D'Agostino CTA-351, 352, 353 150 € sold
3er CD Set Tanturi CTA-371, 372, 373 150 € sold
2er CD Set Roberto Caló CTA-411, 412 100 €  
2er CD Set Gorio CTA-413, 414 120 € sold
2er CD Set Varela CTA-415, 416 100 €  
3er CD Set Pugliese CTA-521, 522, 523 150 € sold
3er CD Set Lomuto CTA-732, 733, 734 150 € sold
3er CD Set De Caro CTA-760, 761, 762 190 € sold
2er CD Set Piazzolla CTA-791, 792 100 €  
5er CD Set Tango en Paris CTA-951, 952, 953, 954, 955 250 € sold
3er CD Set Las Joyas CTA-1010, 1011, 1012 150 €  


or you choose from single CTA-CDs on my CTA in stock page.

There is another large order being processed, I try to restock the most asked for CTA-CDs. But I do not expect the new delivery before April/May.


CTA tracklistings

Last month I was able to finish a massive update of my CTA-catalog. 45 new CTA-CDs were added and about 170 CD-covers were rescanned - front, back and inlay. I am proud to be able to provide you with the most extensive information for original CTA-CDs being available worldwide. Check out my updated CTA-catalog!

Until now I was not able to recheck and cross-listen to most of these new CDs, so information of tracklistings are given as scans of the CD-inlays only. Following some of the newly added CDs:

Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 1 (1925-1926) - (CTA-101)

Cover CTA-101 front Cover CTA-101 back Cover CTA-101 inlay

Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 3 (1926-1927) - (CTA-103)

Cover CTA-103 front Cover CTA-103 back Cover CTA-103 inlay

Juan Guido Vol. 3 (1929) - (CTA-206)

Cover CTA-206 front Cover CTA-206 back Cover CTA-206 inlay

Cuarteto Típico "Los Ases" (1940-1942) - (CTA-213)

Cover CTA-213 front Cover CTA-213 back Cover CTA-213 inlay

Agesilao Ferrazzano Vol. 1 (1927) - (CTA-214) - out of print

Cover CTA-214 front Cover CTA-214 back Cover CTA-214 inlay

Agesilao Ferrazzano Vol. 2 (1927) - (CTA-215) - out of print

Cover CTA-215 front Cover CTA-215 back Cover CTA-215 inlay

José Bohr (1926) - (CTA-216)

Cover CTA-216 front Cover CTA-216 back Cover CTA-216 inlay

Francisco Lomuto Vol. 4 (1933) - (CTA-224) - out of print

Cover CTA-224 front Cover CTA-224 back Cover CTA-224 inlay

Edgardo Donato Vol. 1 (1932-1941) - (CTA-241) - out of print

Cover CTA-241 front Cover CTA-241 back Cover CTA-241 inlay

Ciriaco Ortiz Vol. 1 (1933-1952) - (CTA-251) - out of print

Cover CTA-251 front Cover CTA-251 back Cover CTA-251 inlay

Adolfo Carabelli Vol. 1 (1931-1933) - (CTA-261) - out of print

Cover CTA-261 front Cover CTA-261 back Cover CTA-261 inlay

Ángel D'Agostino Vol. 1 (1940-1941) - (CTA-351)

Cover CTA-351 front Cover CTA-351 back Cover CTA-351 inlay

Ricardo Tanturi Vol. 2 (1941-1942) - (CTA-372)

Cover CTA-372 front Cover CTA-372 back Cover CTA-372 inlay

Cristóbal Herrero (1953-1954) - (CTA-401)

Cover CTA-401 front Cover CTA-401 back Cover CTA-401 inlay

Roberto Firpo (hijo) - (CTA-402)

Cover CTA-402 front Cover CTA-402 back Cover CTA-402 inlay

Enrique Mora (1950-1951) - (CTA-403)

Cover CTA-403 front Cover CTA-403 back Cover CTA-403 inlay

Roberto Caló Vol. 1 (1950-1953) - (CTA-411)

Cover CTA-411 front Cover CTA-411 back Cover CTA-411 inlay

Roberto Caló Vol. 2 (1953-1955) - (CTA-412)

Cover CTA-412 front Cover CTA-412 back Cover CTA-412 inlay

Juan Sánchez Gorio Vol. 1 (1944-1953) - (CTA-413)

Cover CTA-413 front Cover CTA-413 back Cover CTA-413 inlay

Juan Sánchez Gorio Vol. 2 (1953-1954) - (CTA-414)

Cover CTA-414 front Cover CTA-414 back Cover CTA-414 inlay

Héctor Varela Vol. 1 (1950-1952) - (CTA-415)

Cover CTA-415 front Cover CTA-415 back Cover CTA-415 inlay

Héctor Varela Vol. 2 (1952-1953) - (CTA-416)

Cover CTA-416 front Cover CTA-416 back Cover CTA-416 inlay

Joaquin Do Reyes (1950-1951) - (CTA-418)

Cover CTA-418 front Cover CTA-418 back Cover CTA-418 inlay

Juan Cambareri Vol. 2 (1950-1951) - (CTA-422)

Cover CTA-422 front Cover CTA-422 back Cover CTA-422 inlay

Dante Puricelli (1951-1953) / Enrique Alessio (1950) - (CTA-451)

Cover CTA-451 front Cover CTA-451 back Cover CTA-451 inlay

Azucena Maizani (1953) / Roberto Rufino (1953) - (CTA-481)

Cover CTA-481 front Cover CTA-481 back Cover CTA-481 inlay

Osvaldo Pugliese Vol. 1 (1943-1944) - (CTA-521)

Cover CTA-521 front Cover CTA-521 back Cover CTA-521 inlay

Osvaldo Pugliese Vol. 3 (1945-1947) - (CTA-523)

Cover CTA-523 front Cover CTA-523 back Cover CTA-523 inlay

Francisco Pracánico Serie Electra Vol. 1 - (CTA-601) - out of print

Cover CTA-601 front Cover CTA-601 back Cover CTA-601 inlay

Pedro Mario Maffia (1930-1931) - (CTA-613)

Cover CTA-613 front Cover CTA-613 back Cover CTA-613 inlay

José Bohr (1927) - (CTA-615)

Cover CTA-615 front Cover CTA-615 back Cover CTA-615 inlay

Francisco Canaro (1934) - (CTA-707) - out of print

Cover CTA-707 front Cover CTA-707 back Cover CTA-707 inlay

Francisco Canaro (1941) - (CTA-774) - out of print

Cover CTA-774 front Cover CTA-774 back Cover CTA-774 inlay

Juan Maglio (Pacho) VIII (1926-1932) - (CTA-728)

Cover CTA-728 front Cover CTA-728 back Cover CTA-728 inlay

Lucio Demare (1938-1945) - (CTA-751) - out of print

Cover CTA-751 front Cover CTA-751 back Cover CTA-751 inlay

Julio De Caro (1949-1951) - (CTA-760) - out of print

Cover CTA-760 front Cover CTA-760 back Cover CTA-760 inlay

Adolfo Pérez "Pocholo" Vol. 1 (1948-1952) - (CTA-769) - out of print

Cover CTA-769 front Cover CTA-769 back Cover CTA-769 inlay

Astor Piazzolla Vol. 1 (1945-1946) - (CTA-791)

Cover CTA-791 front Cover CTA-791 back Cover CTA-791 inlay

Astor Piazzolla Vol. 2 (1946-1947) - (CTA-792)

Cover CTA-792 front Cover CTA-792 back Cover CTA-792 inlay

Rosita Quiroga Vol. 3 (1926-1952) - (CTA-803)

Cover CTA-803 front Cover CTA-803 back Cover CTA-803 inlay

Mercedes Simone Vol. 2 (1928-1937) - (CTA-812)

Cover CTA-812 front Cover CTA-812 back Cover CTA-812 inlay

Mercedes Simone Vol. 3 (1936) - (CTA-813)

Cover CTA-813 front Cover CTA-813 back Cover CTA-813 inlay

Mercedes Simone Vol. 4 (1936-1938) - (CTA-814)

Cover CTA-814 front Cover CTA-814 back Cover CTA-814 inlay

Mercedes Simone Vol. 5 (1938-1942) - (CTA-815)

Cover CTA-815 front Cover CTA-815 back Cover CTA-815 inlay

Ada Falcón Vol. 3 (1929-1938) - (CTA-823)

Cover CTA-823 front Cover CTA-823 back Cover CTA-823 inlay

Libertad Lamarque Vol. 1 (1926-1932) - (CTA-831)

Cover CTA-831 front Cover CTA-831 back Cover CTA-831 inlay

Libertad Lamarque Vol. 2 (1941-1948) - (CTA-832)

Cover CTA-832 front Cover CTA-832 back Cover CTA-832 inlay

Tita Merello Vol. 1 (1929-1930) - (CTA-841)

Cover CTA-841 front Cover CTA-841 back Cover CTA-841 inlay

Tania Vol. 1 (1930-1931) - (CTA-851)

Cover CTA-851 front Cover CTA-851 back Cover CTA-851 inlay

Héctor Palacios (1936-1942) - (CTA-861)

Cover CTA-861 front Cover CTA-861 back Cover CTA-861 inlay

Roberto Maida (1930) - (CTA-862) - out of print

Cover CTA-862 front Cover CTA-862 back Cover CTA-862 inlay

Recordando el arte de Celia Gámez - (CTA-903)

Cover CTA-903 front Cover CTA-903 back Cover CTA-903 inlay

Rosaura Silvestre - Canta canción de amor (1996) - (CTA-1003)