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April 2012

by Bernhard Gehberger

1 April 2012

Dear tango enthusiast,

this is Bernhard from Vienna with a new edition of the monthly newsletter Tango-DJ.at about DJ-ing, special tango CDs, tango dancing and much more. If the newsletter is not displayed correctly you might consider reading the online version. Enjoy!


DJ-ing & dancing tango

CD-reviews & news



Whereas my last newsletter was about a massiv update of the Japanese Club Tango Argentino CDs published by Akihito Baba, most of this newsletter is about an almost similar large update of AMP CDs by Yoshihiro Oiwa. Check them out on my updated AMP-catalog webpage!

Another big update was done for the Reliquias catalog. You can find complete highres cover scans and tracklistings of almost 160 Reliquias CDs. In addition there are plenty of Reliquias CDs in stock in case you find interesting ones you want to get for yourself.

Previous newsletters can be found in the newsletter archive.

Thank you very much for your attention, I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. I'd very much appreciate your feedback and comments on the content presented. In case you know somebody who might be interested in this newsletter please recommend it or place a link to Tango-DJ.at.

best wishes from Vienna,


Tango-DJ Bernhard Gehberger


DJ-ing & dancing tango

DJ-ing schedule & Tango-DJ Tuesday's Class & Práctica

Tango-DJ.at Tuesday's Class & Práctica:
Every Tuesday
13 March till 29 May
Geibelgasse 14-16
Vienna / Austria
Teaching: 19:30-20:45: Class & Workshop
by Bernhard & Birgit
Every Tuesday
13 March till 29 May
Geibelgasse 14-16
Vienna / Austria
Teaching: 21:00-23:00: Práctica
guided by Bernhard, Birgit & Michael
Details on: www.Tango-DJ.at/workshops
26 - 29 April Berlin / Germany Travelling: Berlin Tango Marathon
17 - 28 May London / UK Travelling: London
Fri., 18 May London / UK DJ-ing: Milonga Carablance
Wed., 23 May London / UK DJ-ing: Zero Hour Milonga The Dome
26-28 May London / UK DJ-ing: Tango Marathon Spring

Recommended upcoming international tango events

Some recommended international tango events I am DJ-ing or travelling to (most) for the first half of 2012:


Groundbreaking new offer for renting your personal Tango-DJ

We all know that tango business is tough and competition is challenging. So what you are looking for is this groundbreaking new offer for renting your personal tango-DJ for your event, home, birthdayparty, spare time, holiday, 24/7! We work hard to build up a database of experienced, young, handsome, good looking Tango-DJs for you to choose from. They will be happy to offer any of the following services for you:

  • Travel whereever you like them to be at any time you want.
  • Carrying all necessary equipment with them. Twice, to have a backup for everything in case something goes wrong in order to keep your event or amusement going on.
  • They will stay whereever you put them - a simple 2m2 spot on your hard floor will do. And don't bother with feeding them - they are used to survive with very little.
  • In case you do not know if there will be enough people attending your event to pay your expenses - just pass this risc on to your personal Tango-DJ as well! He will be happy to cover your risc by raising funds, working harder, longer and for free!
  • If you need some new tango music, he will be happy to copy you everything of his music collection which was built up during years of hard work and investing a small fortune for free!
  • And they can take care of most of your computer problems as well! Actually most technical things like video recorders, TV set ups and most practical tasks like drilling holes in walls for your pictures and shelves!
  • Don't bother with set up of sound and light equipment, configuration, sound- & lightengineer - your personal DJ will do this for you!
  • If you did not find time to clean your place - no problem either: Your personal Tango-DJ is not only used to the same or less payment than your cleaning person - he can do the job as well! So simply have him clean your place.
  • By the way - most of our Tango-DJs are experienced dancers as well. So go ahead and deploy him as taxidancer for you or any of your milonga visitors! This might be an additional way he will generate some more income for you.
  • And most of our Tango-DJs will be open to any special needs as well! Just ask whatever you like him to do for you and he'lll be happy to oblige.

So look out for the start of our new Rent-your-personal-Tango-DJ database soon accessable here on Tango-DJ.at/Rent-a-DJ.htm!


CD-reviews & news

AMP catalog update

I am very happy to be able to add highres coverscans for quite a big bunch of "new" AMP CDs to my AMP catalog webpage. Basically all of them being out of print, very hard to find and very expensive to get. I do hope you appreciate this valuable information which can not be found anywhere on the internet else is given to you for free.

Sadly after Yoshihiro Oiwa-san passed away in the end of 2009 it got more and more difficult to get hold of AMP CDs. Nowadays it's almost impossible. The son of Yoshihiro Oiwa has yet not decided how this Tango-CD-"business" will be going on.

I shipped my last AMP CD in stock recently and I have no idea if and which of my more than 100 ordered AMP CDs will finally make it.

Charlo - Linyera - AMP (CD-1096) - out of print

AMP CD-1096 cover1 AMP CD-1096 cover2 AMP CD-1096 cover3

Roberto Firpo y su nuevo cuarteto - Alma de bohemio - AMP (CD-1098) - out of print

AMP CD-1098 cover1 AMP CD-1098 cover2 AMP CD-1098 cover3

Mercedes Simone Vol. 2 - Sera una noche - AMP (CD-1100) - out of print

AMP CD-1100 cover1 AMP CD-1100 cover2 AMP CD-1100 cover3

Francisco Canaro, decada del 30 Vol. 5 - San Telmo - AMP (CD-1107) - out of print

AMP CD-1107 cover1 AMP CD-1107 cover2 AMP CD-1107 cover3

Ricardo Luis Brignolo - Para mis amigos (1929-1932) - AMP (CD-1108) - out of print

AMP CD-1108 cover1 AMP CD-1108 cover2 AMP CD-1108 cover3

Orquesta Típica Victor - Musica de calesita (1926-1932) - AMP (CD-1109) - out of print

AMP CD-1109 cover1 AMP CD-1109 cover2 AMP CD-1109 cover3

Serie romantica Vol. 13 - Francisco Canaro - La última copa - AMP (CD-1113) - out of print

AMP CD-1113 cover1 AMP CD-1113 cover2 AMP CD-1113 cover3

Historia de la Orquesta Típica - Argentino Galván - AMP (CD-1118) - out of print

AMP CD-1118 cover1 AMP CD-1118 cover2 AMP CD-1118 cover3

Francisco Lomuto Vol. 6 - Ventanita de arrabal - AMP (CD-1119) - out of print

AMP CD-1119 cover1 AMP CD-1119 cover2 AMP CD-1119 cover3

Enrique Rodríguez y su orquesta tipica - Son cosas del bandoneón - AMP (CD-1132) - out of print

AMP CD-1132 cover1 AMP CD-1132 cover2 AMP CD-1132 cover3

Juan D'Arienzo y su orquesta típica - Lágrimas - AMP (CD-1136) - out of print

AMP CD-1136 cover1 AMP CD-1136 cover2 AMP CD-1136 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 2 - Roberto Firpo 1926-1927 - AMP (CD-1138M) - out of print

AMP CD-1138M cover1 AMP CD-1138M cover2 AMP CD-1138M cover3

Florindo Sassone y su orquesta tipica - El relampago - AMP (CD-1139) - out of print

AMP CD-1139 cover1 AMP CD-1139 cover2 AMP CD-1139 cover3

Mercedes Simone Vol. 3 - La cumparsita - AMP (CD-1140) - out of print

AMP CD-1140 cover1 AMP CD-1140 cover2 AMP CD-1140 cover3

Libertad Lamarque Vol. 2 - Caminito - AMP (CD-1148) - out of print

AMP CD-1148 cover1 AMP CD-1148 cover2 AMP CD-1148 cover3

Memorial del tango 4 - Osvaldo Fresedo - AMP (CD-1150M) - out of print

AMP CD-1150M cover1 AMP CD-1150M cover2 AMP CD-1150M cover3

Ricardo Tanturi Vol. 2 - Alma en pena - AMP (CD-1154) - out of print

AMP CD-1154 cover1 AMP CD-1154 cover2 AMP CD-1154 cover3

Hugo del carril - El adiós - AMP (CD-1156) - out of print

AMP CD-1156 cover1 AMP CD-1156 cover2 AMP CD-1156 cover3

Francisco Canaro - El acomodo - AMP (CD-1159) - out of print

AMP CD-1159 cover1 AMP CD-1159 cover2 AMP CD-1159 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 5 - Francisco Lomuto - AMP (CD-1161M) - out of print

AMP CD-1161M cover1 AMP CD-1161M cover2 AMP CD-1161M cover3

Memorial Del Tango 6 - Adolfo Carabelli - AMP (CD-1162M) - out of print

AMP CD-1162M cover1 AMP CD-1162M cover2 AMP CD-1162M cover3

Orquesta Típica Victor Ex. 5 - Homenaje Al Maestro Freddy Scorticati - AMP (CD-1165) - out of print

AMP CD-1165 cover1 AMP CD-1165 cover2 AMP CD-1165 cover3

Juan Guido Vol. 3 - El panuelito - AMP (CD-1166) - out of print

AMP CD-1166 cover1AMP CD-1166 cover2 AMP CD-1166 cover3

Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 13 - AMP (CD-1171) - out of print

AMP CD-1171 cover1 AMP CD-1171 cover2 AMP CD-1171 cover3

Que lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 14 - AMP (CD-1172) - out of print

AMP CD-1172 cover1 AMP CD-1172 cover2 AMP CD-1172 cover3

Rafael Canaro 1929-1934 - AMP (CD-1176) - out of print

AMP CD-1176 cover1 AMP CD-1176 cover2 AMP CD-1176 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 8 - Luis Petrucelli - AMP (CD-1178M) - out of print

AMP CD-1178M cover1 AMP CD-1178M cover2 AMP CD-1178M cover3

Orquesta Típica Minotto - Pucho - AMP (CD-1180) - out of print

AMP CD-1180 cover1 AMP CD-1180 cover2 AMP CD-1180 cover3

Pasion De Tango Vol. 6 - AMP (CD-1184) - out of print

AMP CD-1184 cover1 AMP CD-1184 cover2 AMP CD-1184 cover3

Francisco Lomuto 1931-34 - AMP (CD-1185) - out of print

AMP CD-1185 cover1 AMP CD-1185 cover2 AMP CD-1185 cover3

Adolfo Perez Pocholo - El morochito - AMP (CD-1186) - out of print

AMP CD-1186 cover1 AMP CD-1186 cover2 AMP CD-1186 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 9 - Cayetano Puglisi - AMP (CD-1187M) - out of print

AMP CD-1187M cover1 AMP CD-1187M cover2 AMP CD-1187M cover3

Cuarteto Típico Los Ases (Dirigido por Juan C. Cambon) - AMP (CD-1190)

AMP CD-1190 cover1 AMP CD-1190 cover2 AMP CD-1190 cover3

Qué lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 16 - AMP (CD-1195)

AMP CD-1195 cover1 AMP CD-1195 cover2 AMP CD-1195 cover3

Qué lindos tiempos viejos Vol. 17 - AMP (CD-1196)

AMP CD-1196 cover1 AMP CD-1196 cover2 AMP CD-1196 cover3

Memorial Del Tango 11 - Edgardo Donato - AMP (CD-1197M) - out of print

AMP CD-1197M cover1 AMP CD-1197M cover2 AMP CD-1197M cover3

Francisco Canaro en la decada del 30 Vol. 8 - Charamusca - AMP (CD-1201) - out of print

AMP CD-1201 cover1 AMP CD-1201 cover2 AMP CD-1201 cover3

Francisco Canaro - Tango clasico - AMP (CD-1207) - out of print

AMP CD-1207 cover1 AMP CD-1207 cover2 AMP CD-1207 cover3

Francisco Lomuto - "Canchero viejo" 1926-1929 - AMP (CD-1211) - out of print

AMP CD-1211 cover1 AMP CD-1211 cover2 AMP CD-1211 cover3

Pasión de tango Vol. 7 - AMP (CD-1214) - out of print

AMP CD-1214 cover1 AMP CD-1214 cover2 AMP CD-1214 cover3


Reliquias catalog update

The second big update was done for the Reliquias catalog. You can find high res cover scans and tracklistings of almost 160 Reliquias CDs on my Reliquias webpage. In addition there are some Reliquias CDs available for sale on my CDs in stock page in case you come across some interesting missing ones.

Cover Reliquias CD 837478 front Cover Reliquias CD 837478 back Cover Reliquias CD 837478 inlay