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Tangomarathon: Austrian Alpine Abrazo 2012


Registration is open. In order to be able to attend the marathon you need to register, receive our confirmation and pay the ticket. So far people from Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russian Federation, Serbia, Sweden, Slovak Rep., United Kingdom and Austria are attending! Places are limited, so please don't wait too long with your registration if you are interested to participate! (Places for women are running low..)

Program & DJs

Still in planning stage and not completed yet the program and DJ page will give you a good idea of what to expect already. On the program page you find also details about catering, the spa area and massage options. We work hard to organize a very special weekend for you!


This will be a weekend where dancers from all over Europe enjoy dancing with each other at a very special place to an exquisit selection of music provided by international renown DJs. Our utmost concern is to provide a friendly environment for everybody to fully enjoy this weekend. For this we want to emphasize the importance of respecting the most basic principles of dancing at a Milonga. This includes knowing "Mirada" & "Cabeceo" for invitation as well as advanced floorcraft competence to secure safe and respectfull dancing also on a crowded dance floor! Everybody thinking that this is a good idea and is capable and willing to support this is most welcome!

You may consider to spend some more days before or after the tango weekend in order to discover this amazing nature surrounding you!



Organization & contact


Bernhard Gehberger

E-mail: bernhard@tango-dj.at

Mobile: +43 699 19 13 44 42