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Newsletter August 2011 issues

  • DJ-ing: DJ schedule August
  • DJ-ing: Tanda discussion
  • Dancing: Recommended international tango events
  • Dancing: Flyer "Los códigos en la milonga" in French
  • CDs: Harlequin CD catalogue (English CD label)
  • CDs: CTA-News (Japanese CD label)
  • CDs: AMP-News (Japanese CD label)
  • Website: Friends & partner webpage


DJ-ing: DJ schedule August

After two weeks of undeserved holiday, I'll DJ end of August:

Fri., 19.8.2011 Vienna / Austria DJ-ing: Galeria Ideal (Fresedo special)
25.-29.8.2011 Budapest / Hungary Travelling: Danubiando Festival
Sat., 27.8.2011 Budapest / Hungary DJ-ing: Danubiando Festival


DJ-ing: Tanda discussion

I want to discuss two special tandas I DJed last month which made lots of people rushing at me and asking what it was. So in case you heard them and you are curious what it was but you did not ask (or you lost the paper I wrote it down for you) - here they come:

1st Tanda was made initially as special last tanda for the Paris gig 17th of July consisting of 5 tracks (4 plus one special Paris ending):

  • Poema - Orquesta Típica A.J. Pesenti du Coliséum de Paris con Nena Sainz - 3:14 - 1932 - Tango
    Album: Tahiti - A.J. Pesenti et son orchestre de tango - AMP (CD-1281)
  • Cheri ! - Orquesta A.J. Pesenti de Coliséum de Paris con Rosette Guy - 2:47 - 1932 - Tango
    Album: Tahiti - A.J. Pesenti et son orchestre de tango - AMP (CD-1281)
  • Ressovuenance - Orquesta Mario Melfi con Marcel Verán - 3:15 - 1934 - Tango
    Album: Las Joyas Del Tango Vol. 2 (1929-1942) - (CTA-1011)
  • Vous qu'avez-vous fait de mon amour? - Orquesta Miguel Orlando con Tino Rossi - 2:59 - 1933 - Tango
    Album: El Tango En París 1930-1941 - BATC (orq 216)
  • París, París - Orchestre A.J. Pesenti de l'Empire con Nena Sainz - 3:12 - 1933 - Tango
    Album: El Tango en Europa Vol. 1 - BATC (orq-207)

Please note that "Poema" is NOT the "normal unnormal Poema" by René Pesenti with Alberto but Típica A.J. Pesenti with Nena Sainz! followed by another rare french tango called "Cheri !" also by Pesenti. Finishing with two super sweet ones. "Vous qu'avez-vous fait de mon amour?" is quite overplayed meanwhile in Vienna.

As a special fifth track for Paris "París, París" again by A.J. Pesenti and again with Nena Sainz to finish this tanda like it started. I was afraid that these French tracks might be overplayed in Paris, but given the feedback and excitement of the dancers it was not. Obviously the japanese CDs are still rare enough.. ;)

I reused this tanda during the milonga on 22nd of July at Galeria Ideal as sweet tanda during the evening, but without the overplayed Miguel Orlando / Tino Rossi track.

2nd Tanda was played also at Galeria Ideal on 22nd of July and was a high energy tango tanda by Miguel Villasboas:

  • 9 de julio - Miguel Villasboas - 2:19 - ???? - Tango
    Album: La Cumparsita - Sondor (47672)
  • Sentimiento gaucho - Miguel Villasboas - 2:42 - ???? - Tango
    Album: La Cumparsita - Sondor (47672)
  • Felicia - Miguel Villasboas - 2:23 - ???? - Tango
    Album: La Cumparsita - Sondor (47672)
  • El amanecer - Miguel Villasboas y Wáshington Quintas Moreno - 3:22 - 1997 - Tango
    Miguel Villasboas y su orquesta típica en Australia - Sondor (83102)

Actually the whole tanda was built and used to play the last special track as climax of the evening. I wanted to use that track for a long time. It is the famous and well known tango "El amanecer" played by Miguel Villasboas and Wáshington Quintas Moreno on two pianos only. So this makes it already a very special version of "El amanecer" and most experienced dancers will be surprised by this one. But just when you get used to the two pianos playing a violin starts to produce the most bewildering "animal-sound-imitations" you can imagine in a very funny way catching everybody by surprise and making everybody smile and clap. What a great moment this was! :)


Dancing: Recommended international tango events

An upcoming huge tango festival near by Vienna will be

It takes place 21st to 28th of August featureing some of the most famous maestros, workshops for best value for money and my humbe self DJ-ing the Saturday evening on 27th.

The ultimate event for a tango-weekend-connoisseur:

by Alessandra and Marco at Villa Giacomelli in Pradamano near Udine will take place again on 14th to 16th of October! Registration mandatory. You might be able to dance to my music here as well in case you stay till Sunday evening! :)

I do not know the following event, but it is near by Vienna being organized as a tangomarathon by a young group of Hungarian dancers inviting very good DJs from all over Europe! So you might consider to take a dance in Budapest again from 21st to 23rd of October:

Little known is a lovely relaxed non-typical "tangomarathon" taking place each year at the second weekend of December in Cologne to celebrate the birthday of the tango place itself - highly recommended!

If you have got free time you may arrive already on Thursday to dance at the regular Tango Colón milonga.

There are several cool tangomarathons in September. But actually it's too late to recommend them since as far as I know they are fully booked already. This would have been:

  • Tangomarathon Hamburg TMH-2011
  • Basel Tango Marathon


Dancing: Flyer "Los códigos en la milonga" also as French translation

This new French version of the flyer was made by the help of Alexis Beuraud.
(If anyone wants to help me to translate this flyer in Spanish, please get in contact with me!)


CDs: Full catalogue of all tango related CDs of label Harlequin available

I am glad to announce that all 26 tango related CDs published under the label Harlequin are in stock and available on my webpage Harlequin-catalogue. Here you can find tracklistings and cover art for all available Harlequin CDs.

Harlequin publishes lots of rare and otherwise hard to get stuff. Some recordings on these CDs can not be found in better quality anywhere else - especially some of the Orquesta Típica Victor tracks. In addition the CDs feature a booklet giving extensive information in English.

Get yourself these great CDs for the special price of 15,- EUR!


CDs: CTA-News: 11 unkown CTA-CDs added!

There is lots of news for CTA-CDs of the Japanese tangoclub Club Tango Argentino.
(If you don't know what that is, you might take a look at the CTA-FAQ-page)

After having the privilege of taking a glimps at the most extensive CTA collection in Europe I was able to add 11 new CTA-CDs to the CTA-catalogue. Until now there has been only rumour of the existence of some of them, so after having seen the original CDs I can confirm the existence of these CTA-CDs:

  • Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 17 (1933-1936) - (CTA-117)
  • Francisco Lomuto Vol. 4 (1933) - (CTA-224)
  • Osvaldo Pugliese Vol. 1 (1943-1944) - (CTA-521)
  • Osvaldo Pugliese Vol. 3 (1945-1947) - (CTA-523)
  • José Bohr (1927) - (CTA-615)
  • Osvaldo Fresedo VIII (1927-1928) - (CTA-718)
  • Astor Piazzolla Vol. 1 (1945-1946) - (CTA-791)
  • Astor Piazzolla Vol. 2 (1946-1947) - (CTA-792)
  • Azucedna Maizani Vol. 2 - (CTA-847)
  • Roberto Maida (1930-1931) - (CTA-862)
  • Recordando el arte de Raquel Meller - (CTA-901)

And 16 new CTA-CD tracklistings and covers have been added to my CTA-collection:

Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 2 (CTA-102)

Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 4 (CTA-104)

Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 6 (CTA-106)

Cayetano Puglisi Vol. 1 (1929) - (CTA-209)

Cuarteto Típico "Los Ases" (1940-1942) - (CTA-213)

Alberto Mancione Vol. 2 (1952-1956) - (CTA-272)

José Servidio Serie Electra Vol. 3 (CTA-603)

Francisco Canaro (1929) - (CTA-703)

Francisco Canaro (1932-1933) - (CTA-705)

Osvaldo Fresedo III (1927-1928) - (CTA-713)

Francisco Lomuto (1927-1930) - (CTA-731)

Roberto Firpo (1927-1930) - (CTA-743)

José García Vol. 2 (1943-1945) - (CTA-756)

Astor Piazzolla Vol. 3 (1947-1948/1956) - (CTA-793)

Recordando el arte de Imperio Argentina (CTA-902)

Todo Vals Vol. 2 - Serie Para Baile Vol. 3 - (CTA-1053)

If you are interested in getting one of available CTA-CDs make up your mind quickly, since they go out of print very fast and when they are gone, they are gone.

Another thing I experience every month - 99% of all inquiries about possible CTA-copies and sent-in sound examples turn out to be not from an original CTA-CD. Since it can be tricky to identify original or bootleg-copy there is a rule of thumb here: If the bootleg-copy in questions looks like a CTA-CD (album title, cover, design) most likely it's not a copy but something different. The only CDs I came across where I could not hear a difference had a very different cover design and title (for good reason..)


CDs: A.M.P.-CDs

A.M.P. is the second large Japanse tango label specialized in publishing very rare tango tracks. I was able to add covers and tracklistings for another 7 great AMP CDs:

Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 5 - La Cachirla (CD-1111)

Trío Ciriaco Ortiz - Chiqué (CD-1112)

Julio De Caro Vol. 7 (CD-1143)

Homenaje a gran Julio De Caro - Orquesta Típica Decareana, Dir.: Osvaldo Requena (CD-1169S)

Realidad De Tango Vol. 5 (CD-1259R)

Realidad De Tango Vol. 6 (CD-1260R)

Realidad De Tango Vol. 8 (CD-1272R)


Website: Friends & partner page

A new "Friends & partner"- webpage says "thank you" to all the people helping me with sending feedback, information, carrying CDs, maintaining interesting tango related websites, translating, advertising, discussing tango issues, booking me as a DJ, and supporting my work in general enabeling me to run tango-dj.at. Speaking of which - in case you know somebody who might be interested in any of what tango-dj.at has to offer, please forward this newsletter or send him the website link.