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by Bernhard Gehberger

Dear tango enthusiast,

this is Bernhard from Vienna with a new edition of the monthly newsletter Tango-DJ.at about DJ-ing, special tango CDs, tango dancing and much more. This month's topics are:

Newsletter September 2011 issues

  • DJ-ing: DJ-ing in Vienna again
  • DJ-ing: Tanda discussion
  • DJ-ing: Danubiando Tango Festival
  • Dancing: Recommended international tango events
  • CDs: CTA-News (Japanese CD label)
  • CDs: AMP-News (Japanese CD label)
  • CDs: The History of Tango - Victor Orchestras 2 - Recordings 1928 - 1935
  • Website: Soundsamples for CTA- and AMP-CDs
  • Website: Not working contact form


DJ-ing: Finally back in Vienna

DJ-ing upcoming Friday in Galeria Ideal! Don't miss it!

Fri., 9.9.2011 Vienna / Austria DJ-ing: Milonga Galeria Ideal


DJ-ing: Tanda discussion

Sometimes I don't notice that I use something quite special until someone points it out to me. This happened recently during a very inspiring discussion with DJ-friend Julian Ingram. So it turned out that I use the quite rare milonga "No hay tierra como la mía" by Julio De Caro con Héctor Farrel (Julio De Caro Vol. 10 - Boedo - AMP (CD-1269)) quite regularly. (because it's great!) Normally I mix it in a RDA with one of these:

  • Saca chispas, Julio De Caro con Luis Díaz, 1938, Julio De Caro Vol. 10 - Boedo - AMP (CD-1269)
  • Milonga de los fortines, Orquesta Típica Victor con Mariano Balcarce, 1937, Orquesta Típica Victor 1931-1943 "Derecho Viejo" - BATC (orq 339)
  • La esquina, Lucio Demare, 1938, Tres Orquestas Milongueras - Archivo Odeon (EU-19012)
  • Mi vieja linda, Emilio Pellejero con Enalmar De María, 1941, Grandes orquestas de tango en Uruguay en los 40 - Sondor (82002)

I get lots of requests for the last CD. Yes, I do get it, but it takes a little more time. Sondor is not the easiest business-partner.

And since I started with this CD, there is another rare and very beautiful track on it, which can be used nicely in a tanda like this (beware the two different singers - not strictly correct..)

  • Decime que sí, Julio De Caro con Luis Díaz, 1938, Julio De Caro Vol. 10 - Boedo - AMP (CD-1269)
  • Esta noche, Orquesta Julio De Caro con Héctor Farrel, 1939, Julio De Caro (1935-1942) - (CTA-762)
  • No me pidas la exclusiva, Orquesta Julio De Caro con Héctor Farrel, 1941, Julio De Caro (1935-1942) - (CTA-762)
  • Fuego, Julio De Caro con Luis Díaz, 1938, Julio De Caro Vol. 10 - Boedo - AMP (CD-1269), 1938, Julio De Caro (1935-1942) - (CTA-762)

So let's also finish with this CD, because there is also a very nice Vals on it, which is: "Porqué tus ojos tienen pena?" by Julio De Caro con Luis Díaz, 1938. And I might think of a tanda for that one for my next newsletter. Could be a rather special De Caro Vals-tanda, or a RDA mixed together with other specials?! :)


DJ-ing: Danubiando Tango Festival

My biggest surprise at the Danubiando Tango Festival was an orchestra - or better two. Normally I am not very fond of current tango orchestras since I consider them to be either rather boring or too difficult to be danced to. I knew Orquesta Típica Budapest already and I like them because it's perfectly danceable. But which caught me by surprise was the tango Orchestra Soledad from Moscow performing on Sunday. A group of very young and very talented musicians who found a way to be dramatic (very dramatic) but yet danceable.

So I'll try to get their CDs (there are two) and maybe some more special stuff (top secret..) Anyway this is an orchestra to be remembered. I am looking forward to listening to their recordings and finding out if this might be an option to be used for DJ-ing as well! To be continued..

Ah - everything went well with DJ-ing the Saturday event, but one small problem I want to point out. Maybe it might help one or another being in a similar situation. At one moment there was quite a bad humming noise in the PA-system and after checking several things I was able to identify the DI-box being too close to a power supply causing the humming noise. There was no issue at all till then, but maybe it was moved a little closer incidentally.. So top tip for the day: Sudden humming noise: Check signal cables being too close to power supply lines! :)


Dancing: Recommended international tango events

The ultimate event for a tango-weekend-connoisseur:

by Alessandra and Marco at Villa Giacomelli in Pradamano near Udine will take place again on 14th to 17th of October! Registration mandatory. You might be able to dance to my music here as well in case you stay till Sunday evening which is a good idea anyway! :)

CDs: CTA - New releases & out of prints

Finally the CDs from June release arrived!

Edgardo Donato Vol. 4 (1934-1944) - (CTA-244) - (in stock!)

Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 2 (1922-1925) - (CTA-282)

Ada Falcón Vol. 4 (1929-1938) - (CTA-824)

You can find the tracklistings at CTA releases June 2011.

On CD Edgardo Donato Vol. 4 (1934-1944) - (CTA-244) you will find some transfers in amazing quality. Basically all of them went straight to be my DJ-ing versions. On the webpage you can listen to a soundsample of "Pregonera".

On Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 2 (1922-1925) - (CTA-282) are very rare tracks you won't find anywhere else. The quality is surprisingly good given the recording dates.

Also lots of hard to find tracks are on Ada Falcón Vol. 4 (1929-1938) - (CTA-824) One of it will be THE surprising Milongaspecial in one of my upcoming DJ-gigs.

Then another 6 covers and tracklistings could be added to the CTA-catalog and collection. A big thank you to Royce for helping with these:

Francisco Canaro (1931-1932) - (CTA-704)

Francisco Canaro (1934) - (CTA-707)

Francisco Canaro (1935) - (CTA-708)

Francisco Canaro (1935) - (CTA-709)

Francisco Canaro (1938) - (CTA-771)

Francisco Canaro (1940) - (CTA-773)


Sadly another bunch of CTA-CDs went out of print:

  • CTA-762 Julio De Caro 1935-1942
  • CTA-117, Orquesta Típica Victor Vol. 17
  • CTA-224, Francisco Lomuto Vol. 4
  • CTA-281, Osvaldo Fresedo Vol. 1
  • CTA-308, Juan D'Arienzo Vol. 8
  • CTA-309, Juan D'Arienzo Vol. 9
  • CTA-310, Juan D'Arienzo Vol. 10
  • CTA-325, Juan D'Arienzo Vol. 25
  • CTA-707, Francisco Canaro (1934)
  • CTA-718, Osvaldo Fresedo VIII (1927-1928


CDs: A.M.P.-CDs

Covers and tracklistings for 4 AMP CDs were added. Most of them contain recordings of Francisco Canaro including several rare gems! My personal "diamond" I was able to find here is "Campanas de bronce" by Orquesta Francisco Canaro con Ernesto Famá from 1933 on Francisco Canaro en la decada del '30 Vol. 10 - Alma De Bandoneón - AMP (CD-1257). You can find a soundsample and tracklistings on my AMP catalogue page.

Francisco Canaro - Serie Romantica Vol. 18 - Ventanita De Arrabal - AMP (CD-1249)

Francisco Canaro en la decada del '30 Vol. 10 - Alma De Bandoneón - AMP (CD-1257)

Francisco Canaro II - Memorial Del Tango 23 - AMP (CD-1263M)

Realidad De Tango Vol. 9 - AMP (CD-1283R)


CDs: The History of Tango - Victor Orchestras 2 - Recordings 1928 - 1935

Sorry, but I have to write about my latest experience with the modern Tango-mp3-selling music business. I was looking for recordings of Orquesta Típica Porteña when I accidentally found this CD on amazon. Sadly it was not available as CD, but mp3 download only. And again I got disappointed. (I have a deep reluctance of mp3 music selling industry. I do not see why I have to pay more or less the same money as for a CD and get compressed, bad quality, bad tagged music without cover/booklet information).

Anyway since there was no CD available and I was curious about these tracks, I got myself the mp3s, just to find out that the tagging is mostly wrong. The problem is that there are some nice unknown and rare tracks on these CD - you just don't know what it is, since half of the tagging is wrong or incomplete.

I informed amazon about this wrong tagging in the middle of August. But you may still find the uncorrected tracks there in case you want to listen to the soundsamples given. http://www.amazon.com/History-Tango-Victor-Orchestras-Recordings/dp/B003XSXL4S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1313968432&sr=8-1

I was able to confirm and identify these tracks:

01. Serpentinas - Orquesta Juan Guido - 2:58 - 1927 - Tango
02. Rabanito - Orquesta Juan Guido - 2:46 - 1927 - Tango
06. El africano - Orquesta Cayetano Puglisi - 3:37 - 1929 - Tango
08. Olvidao - Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli con Charlo - 3:02 - 1932 - Tango
09. El trece - Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli con Alberto Gómez - 2:42 - 1932 - Tango
10. Milonga sentimental - Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli con Carlos Lafuente - 3:01 - 1932 - Tango
11. Tomala con soda - Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli con Charlo - 2:56 - 1933 - Tango
12. Mi carnaval - Orquesta Típica Los Provincianos con Carlos Lafuente - 2:47 - 1932 - Tango
13. Juro - Trío Ciriaco Ortiz - 3:03 - 1936 - Tango
20. Arrabal - Orquesta Pedro Laurenz - 3:15 - 1937 - Tango
21. Abandono - Orquesta Pedro Laurenz con Héctor Farrel - 2:36 - 1937 - Tango

I was not able to confirm or complete the tagging of these tracks:

03. Sueno divino - Victor Orchestra - 2:58 - ???? - Tango
04. La cumparsita - Victor Orchestra - 3:20 - ???? - Tango
05. ??? - Victor Orchestra - 3:10 - ???? - Tango
07. ??? - Victor Orchestra - 2:31 - ???? - Tango
14. Chique - Victor Orchestra - 3:21 - ???? - Tango
15. Recondita - Orquesta Típica Porteña con Jaime Moreno - 2:58 - ???? - Tango
16. El cuarteto "el tigre" - Victor Orchestra, Orquesta Típica Porteña - 2:58 - ???? - Tango
17. Cola e paja - Orquesta Típica Porteña con Roberto Diaz - 3:22 - ???? - Tango
18. Julian - Victor Orchestra - 3:10 - ???? - Tango
19. Buen amigo - Victor Orchestra - 3:19 - ???? - Tango

So in case anybody can shed some light on these last tracks in question please get in contact with me and all the others, please be aware of tracks from that CD..

Website: Soundsamples for CTA- and AMP-CDs

More and more soundsamples for selected tracks of CTA- and AMP-CDs will be added. You will find them in the top section of the webpages of the CTA-catalogue and AMP-catalogue. This is work in progress, more soundsamples will be added from time to time.


Website: Not working contact form

I noticed that my contact form might not have worked for the last 3 months due to a server security update. After sending your message using this contact form, you should see a confirmation message in green letters saying that your message was sent successfully.

So in case you tried to contact me by using this contact form and you did not get a reply, then I have not receive your message in the first place! I have to ask you to resend your message using this contact form (which is now working hopefully), or directly to my e-mail address given at the contact page as well!

I reply to any inquiry within one day at the latest!


Thank you very much for your attention. I'd very much appreciate your feedback and comments on the content presented. In case you know somebody who might be interested in this newsletter or tango-dj.at please recommend the website or place a link to Tango-DJ.at.

Servus und Baba from Vienna,