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Newsletter May 2013

by Bernhard Gehberger

07 June 2013

Dear Tango enthusiast,

this is Bernhard from TANGO-DJ.AT, Association for preservation and provision of Argentine tango with the monthly newsletter TANGO-DJ.AT about DJ-ing, special Tango CDs, Tango dancing and much more. Please note that videos, sound samples and special characters might not display correctly in the e-mail. Please visit the online version instead. Enjoy!


DJ-ing & dancing Tango

CD-reviews & shop-news

  • Harlequin Exclusive re-publishing of 5 Harlequin CDs

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This month's newsletter is first of all late. I am sorry for that, but most likely there will be another one for June as well (introducing the recent CTA releases).

So this one is still for May and again about two main topics. One is about the upcoming events International Milonga and Alpine Abrazo both being organized by TANGO-DJ.AT within the next months in Vienna and Mallnitz.

Another is about the underrated music label Harlequin and 5 albums being exclusively re-published for TANGO-DJ.AT.

Please enjoy this month's newsletter. We'd very much appreciate if you want to recommend it to your friends or your link to TANGO-DJ.AT.

best wishes from Vienna,


Association for preservation and provision of Argentine tango


DJ-ing & dancing Tango

International Milonga 2nd edition

Save the date: 26. & 27. of July!

YES, there is going to be a second edition of the infamous International Milonga organized by TANGO-DJ.AT! And it will be even larger, longer and better!

Plenty of you will remember the overwhelming success of the last International Milonga back in 2012 with 180 dancers from all surrounding countries creating one of the most special evenings in Vienna so far. You might want to take a look at our trailer of last year:


So how could get this any better? Well, we make it three times better by making three times as long! Especially for our guests travelling from far away this will be good news! And dancers from Vienna will be able to enjoy their presence even longer!

So it's still in planning stage, but the rough program will be like this:

  • Friday 26. July, workshop/practica 18:00-21:00
  • Friday 26. July, Friday night milonga 21:00-4:00
  • Saturday 27 July, Saturday afternoon milonga 14:00-20:00
  • Saturday 27 July, Saturday night milonga 21:00-4:00

You may visit each event individually or get a pass for all of them. The International Milonga will take place in a new, larger location offering perfect wooden dance floor and air conditioning!

Please spread the word so that Vienna's tango community presents itself in best possible way to our international guest dancers! Details will be published on Tango-dj.at/events.


Registration for Alpine Abrazo 2013 (2nd edition)

Registration for Alpine Abrazo 2013 taking place 12.-15. September starts tomorrow:

Saturday, 8. June, 12:00h here: http://alpineabrazo.at

For those who have not been part of last year's edition, and those who want to remember that very special weekend you may watch last year's trailer:


Alpine Abrazo is a long weekend where dancers from all over Europe enjoy dancing with each other at a very special place to an exquisite selection of music provided by international renown DJs.

Since places are limited, we provide high quality, expensive catering and strictly respect gender balance please understand that confirmed registration for the whole event is mandatory for your participation.

What will be included with your registration fee of 99,- EUR:

  • Thursday Pre-tangoparty
  • Friday opening milonga
  • Saturday afternoon & Saturday night milonga
  • Sunday afternoon & Sunday night milonga
  • FREE bath & sauna facilities for Friday till Sunday in the same building
  • FREE Friday welcome snack
  • FREE Saturday & Sunday dinner
  • FREE warm midnight soups
  • FREE Fruits-, cakes-, cheese-snacks throughout day and night
  • All soft drinks

So we will take perfect care of you while spending your tango weekend with us! There is no need to spend any additional money other than for accommodation!


  • ~150-200 participants
  • Strictly gender balanced
  • A magical location: Mallnitz - a small village at High Tauern National Park / Carinthia / Austria, +1200m high altitude health resort
  • Local catering using mostly local products
  • International Tango-DJs & dancers
  • Workshop about Tango music and Tango-DJ-ing
  • Accommodation ranging from apartments (shared ~15,- / person), reasonably priced pensions (30,- EUR) to 4* hotels within 1-5 walking minutes
  • Bath & Spa/sauna area within the location building
  • Massages
  • Self-run bar offering alcoholic drinks
  • Lots of possible activities: mushroom foray, hiking, climbing, rafting, canyoning,...


Our utmost concern is to provide a friendly environment for everybody to fully enjoy this weekend. For this we want to emphasize the importance of respecting the most basic principles of dancing at a Milonga. This includes knowing "Mirada" & "Cabeceo" for invitation as well as advanced floor craft competence for safe and respectful dancing! Everybody thinking that this is a good idea and who is capable and willing to support this is most welcome!

You may consider to spend some more days before or after the tango weekend in order to discover the amazing nature surrounding you! Please note that Mallnitz is located in the mountains (1200m), so please bring warm clothes with you! Weather can be great for hiking, but it can also be very cold. In case you want to hike please bring proper hiking equipment (boots, jacket,..) with you!

We look forward to spending this wonderful long weekend with you!



Recommended upcoming international Tango events

Some international Tango events Bernhard is DJ-ing, recommending or travelling to:

Please mind that for most of these events registration is mandatory and if you are interested in taking part you have to find out about the registration modalities soon enough!


CD-reviews & news

Harlequin - exclusive re-publishing for TANGO-DJ.AT

HARLEQUIN, we consider it to be one of the most underrated music labels for tango and we are very excited to present HQCD-34, 89, 98, 99 and 120 being exclusively re-published for TANGO-DJ.AT. They had become collector's items being sold for 50,- to 100,- EUR. Now they are available again as re-published albums being produced in the UK exclusively for sale on TANGO-DJ.AT/Shop for 19,- EUR only! (limited special offer, regular price 25,- EUR)

There are about 30 CDs related to tango music and there is something special in almost every of them. Let us give you some reasons why you should take a closer look on Harlequin releases:

  • Plenty of tracks in way better quality than you can find anywhere else. This is especially true for the albums featuring Orquesta Típica Victor recordings!
  • Plenty of interesting and very rare tracks, lots of them impossible to find anywhere else!
  • Special releases for tangos recorded in Europe
  • Overall very high sound quality, careful mastering and processing
  • Extensive CD booklet with lots of information in English
  • Reasonable priced - ~15,- EUR / CD and ~24 tracks. That's less than you pay for Itunes and Amazon mp3s!

So, why not take a closer look?! We have reworked our Harlequin catalogue on TANGO-DJ.AT/Shop. You will find complete CD booklet scans as well as sound samples of every Harlequin CD on sale!

We especially recommend to take a look at the albums HQCD-90 and 155 featuring Orquesta Típica Victor recordings:

You will find that plenty of those recordings will be in much better quality than what you can find anywhere else! Check out the sound samples!

And it's not even expensive! You get 25 tracks in CD quality and extensive CD booklet for the price of 0,60 EUR per track!



TANGO-DJ.AT Tango Database

Latest updates of the TANGO-DJ.AT Tango Database of 47357 tracks include:

  • Ada Falcón
  • Agustín Magaldi
  • Alberto Castillo
  • Alberto Gómez
  • Alberto Marino
  • Edgardo Donato - disco-graphical updates

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