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Newsletter Nov./Dec. 2013

by Bernhard Gehberger

December 2013

Dear Tango enthusiast,

this is Bernhard from TANGO-DJ.AT, Association for preservation and provision of Argentine tango with the monthly newsletter TANGO-DJ.AT about DJ-ing, special Tango CDs, Tango dancing and much more. Please note that videos, sound samples and special characters might not display correctly in the e-mail. Please visit the online version instead. Enjoy!


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It's December and everybody is busy with christmas parties and shopping. So this is going to be a very short one. Basically only an save-the-date-update for upcoming tango events organized by TANGO-DJ.AT and a preview of our new membership system.

Please enjoy this month's newsletter. We'd very much appreciate if you want to recommend it to your friends or your link to TANGO-DJ.AT.

best wishes from Vienna,


Association for preservation and provision of Argentine tango


DJ-ing & dancing Tango


The next INTERNATIONAL MILONGA will be a Milonga weekend and take place from Friday 14 March till Sunday 16 March again in the large and spacious Louis Braille Saal which some of you might know from the last edition in summer.

So what does a Milonga weekend mean exactly?

  • No registration necessary
  • Everybody is welcome
  • Plenty of dancing at 4 Milongas:
    • Friday night Milonga
    • Saturday afternoon & Saturday night Milonga
    • Sunday afternoon Milonga
  • You may visit one Milonga as well as all of them for reasonable prices
  • DJs and dancers from abroad will be invited

So it's like a marathon without the marathon typically restrictions of mandatory registration, gender balancing, full package only, but just lots of relaxed dancing. The location offers a ~330m2 perfect wooden dance floor and we will install the meanwhile known TANGO-DJ.AT sound system for best Tango experience!

You may take a look at this trailer of the last INTERNATIONAL MILONGA.

Please find details soon on TANGO-DJ.AT/events!


ALPINE ABRAZO Summer edition - Mallnitz / Austria

Save the date for our 3rd ALPINE ABRAZO 2014 SUMMER edition taking place on 2 to 5 October 2014 in Mallnitz situated at the National Park Hohe Tauern in Carinthia / Austria.

Registration is mandatory and starts Saturday 5 April 2014, 12:00h!

ALPINE ABRAZO is a weekend where dancers from all over Europe enjoy dancing with each other at a very special place to an exquisit selection of music provided by international renown DJs. Our utmost concern is to provide a friendly environment for everybody to fully enjoy this weekend.

ALPINE ABRAZO organized by TANGO-DJ.AT is an event where dancers from all over Europe enjoy dancing with each other at a very special place to an exquisit selection of music provided by international renown DJs.

Some participants call it an Encuentro, some a Marathon and both like it a lot. We do not believe in trendy definitions but being authentique in our ideas and concepts. Check it out and experience the difference of ALPINE ABRAZO!

Our utmost concern is to provide a friendly environment for everybody to fully enjoy this weekend. We do this by taking care of you the best possible way as far as organization is concerned and emphasize the importance of respectful invitation and dancing on the dancefloor. We embrace and welcome everybody who wants to enjoy such a weekend with us!

ALPINE ABRAZO is a gender balanced, all inclusive event. Dinners, midnight soups, fruit-plates, cheese-plates, variety of cakes, natural fruit juices, teas and coffee are included free of charge! Best value for money is guaranteed. We try to avoid disposable cups and plates as well as sweet soft drinks. Instead we use glasses, dishes and natural fruit juices. For example a nice glass of wine.. : )

You may consider to spend some more days before or after the tango weekend in order to discover the amazing magical nature surrounding you! It's the perfect opportunity to spend a very relaxing and refreshing short holiday!

You can find pictures of recent ALPINE ABRAZO's on our Facebook group and Gaz Blanco's set on Flickr.

Please find details soon on TANGO-DJ.AT/events!


Upcoming events DJ-ing and travelling

Some international Tango events Bernhard is DJ-ing, recommending or travelling to:

11 - 17 December Cologne / Germany Travelling: Birthday Marathon Colón
14 - 16 March Vienna / Austria INTERNATIONAL MILONGA WEEKEND
26 - 30 March Dresden / Germany Travelling: Tangofest Dresden
Fri., 28 March Dresden / Germany DJ-ing: Tangofest Dresden
8 - 11 May Vienna / Austria TANGOAMADEUS 2014
Thu., 8 May Vienna / Austria DJ-ing: Tangoamadeus Thursday
  • 26 - 30 December, Amsterdam / Netherlands, 16th Tangomagia 2013
  • 29 Dec - 1 Jan, Budapest / Hungary, DanubeTangoMeeting
  • 30 Dec - 1 Jan, Berlin / Germany, Berlin Tango Marathon 2014
  • 31 Dec - 2 Jan, Nijmegen / Netherlands, El Corte New Year Marathon


TANGO-DJ.AT Membership

Plenty of people are using our Tango Database with more than 50.000 records which is based on our Tango archive. Obviously they find plenty of intersting tangos which are often hard to impossible to get on commercial releases. Making those tangos available and staying within the regulatory framework is a very complicated matter.

Especially for those special recordings which can not be found on commercial releases or which are not available any more on CDs of private labels we will be offering a membership system and publish those sought-after recordings as own transfers and/or edited TANGO-DJ.AT releases to our members.

Being member will grant you access to our membership area offering those TANGO-DJ.AT releases of recordings you might be looking for. You may place requests for recordings you are looking for - if we have them and we can sort out legal matters we will make it available to you. Additional goodies as high resolution cover scans and special attention to your inquries as members will be offered.

You may become a member starting with beginning of 2014. Details of how to become a member will be published in upcoming newsletters as well as on our website TANGO-DJ.AT and shop page for TANGO-DJ.AT Membership.

Of course being a member does support our work in making more recordings in better quality available to you and the tango community!


A new TANGO-DJ.AT flyer/postcard is summarizing our activities. Please feel free to share, link, print, re-publish it!


TANGO-DJ.AT Tango Database

Latest major updates of the TANGO-DJ.AT Tango Database of 51.000+ tracks effects:

  • Orquesta Típica Victor recording dates completed
  • Roberto Goyeneche recordings checked and dates completed
  • Full Audio Park catalog of Tango- and Jazz/Blues-CDs added (~90 Cds)